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Why Cameron Financial

Why should I work with Cameron Financial?

That’s an important question, finding the right person to partner with is critical.  Our clients tell us that they really like how we explain things.  That we take complex concepts and make it easy for them to understand in a common sense way.

What matters to us is that we have completely satisfied clients.  That we help them successfully reach their goals and turn clients into friends.  We pride ourselves in being truthful and honest.

By drawing on a knowledge base of 35 years in this industry, offering a unique approach to reducing taxes and focusing on a balanced approach to both growth and protection.  We are able to utilize the right tools to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our belief is that proper Retirement  planning focus on not how much money you have, but how much you have to SPEND” during your Retirement years.

Utilizing proper software to determine which of your assets to spend first and in what order assets  should be spent can make a large difference in how long your money lasts.

Financial Tools:

Many advisors are stuck in a belief system that stems from their background and how they entered the Financial Planning World….some believe that to be successful all it takes is proper “Asset Allocation” within the stock market, some believe that your Retirement nest eggs should all be in “Safe Money” accounts.

Recent history has shown that neither is true.

Our belief is to have access to many Financial Tools across a broad spectrum that can match the clients goals and risk tolerance to a balanced approach which brings the proper Financial Tool to solve a problem.