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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Cameron Financial Services is dedicated to the needs of clients who have a strong desire to plan for a successful retirement. Knowledge is what you learn, wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to every day life.

We utilize an educational approach to allow our clients to learn about strategies they did not know existed. By providing you with more knowledge you then can make wiser decisions.

We specialize in developing strategies that help you position assets in tax advantaged accounts so that in retirement…you pay as little tax as possible.

Visionary planning for the changing retirement world

Diversification, Asset Allocation, Inflation Protection…these are all important to successful retirement planning…but in todays’ world you need more than just these old paradigms.

There are risks we face that our parents and grandparents did not….very low interest rates, extreme market volatility, outliving your income or longevity risk. These are a few of the critical issues we face. However one additional risk which can have a crippling effect on your retirement savings is the future increase in income taxes.

Mounting evidence from those within and out of government are telling us as a nation we must increase taxes to pay to the nearly $120 TRILLION of unfunded liabilities.